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The Royal Insignia - Wajid Ali Shah period

A Memorable Photo......from the family album.   Dated:1911

Reproduction of a Photo - Arshad Nehal Khan - Calcutta
Name according to sitting/standing order

H. Jah A. Ahmad K. Jah

KH. Jah * - M. Naqi - A. Haq - M. Sadullah - Navab Meerza - A.Arif - M.Qadr - E. Manolescue
Captain Vice Captain  

N. Husain H. Mirza N. Haq


Vancouver based Sakina Jah daughter of KH. Jah (a grandson of Wajid Ali Shah) is also an avid hockey player. She represented Karachi Grammar School in grass hockey. Her son Yusuf Khan Agha plays ice hockey and is working with the magazine BC Hockey, Canada.


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