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The Royal Insignia


        This website came alive with a single page in 1999 highlighting my father the late Prince Anjum Quder's unflinching contribution and selfless services to sectarian unity, communal harmony as far as he could reach and glorification of the House of Oudh. Since the turn of the millennium a few more pages were added including the family tree.

        The object of the site is to provide information, guidance and help to persons interested in the Nawabs, and the history of Oudh, India. The emphasis in this website of that ill-fated kingdom gobbled by the East India Company in mid-19th century is more on history and its past than any other aspect. Attention has been given more to the material content showcased than to its aesthetic appeal. This website is christened as 'Oudh' the name could have been 'avadh' or 'awadh' but the name 'Oudh' or 'Oude' is a name familiar to the british and it is a reminder that 'Once upon a time there was a kingdom of Oude....'.

        The site is more a collection of articles published in Journals, books of history concerning Oudh, 1857 and news. The site author has simply brought them under one head so that a reader/visitor may get a general overview which should provide him a kickstart to more detail work. Care has been taken to reproduce these articles ditto without any editing or correction. The website author disclaims any controversy whatsoever which may arise in the effort and he neither endorses nor alienates the views, expressions or opinion in the articles.

        There is a special section on 1857 - the First War of Indian Independence. The history of Oudh is incomplete without it. Though volumes have been written on the subject but the author has found passing description of its leaders on various websites. This site attempts to accumulate as much detail on them individually as possible and to highlight those unfortunate less known freedom fighters whose contribution is no less than that of their leader.

        This is not a hate site and to put to peace the mind of the restless individual in the family spread out over the sub-continent, the Family tree of the Rulers of Oudh shows the rulers in line of descent till the last ruler Birjis Qadr. Except Safdarjung all the Nawabs of Oudh had more than one wife !. This site does not sidetrack those wives descendants, as they are also the Nawab's progeny and if anyone feels left out or belittled then it is his own failing and poor understanding of the diaspora in plain speak.

        Criticism and Appraisal is welcome and contributory articles will be hosted with due acknowledgement. The Website author especially welcomes additions, clarifications, and corrections from visitors. However he reserves the right to not publish letters that he deems in bad taste.

        Please do not rip articles from this website and produce it elsewhere under a different name. All reproductions procured from this site may be acknowledged, in the same spirit as the author of this website has duly acknowledged the source from where these articles have been reproduced, as the author is in possession of original texts from books, magazines, newspapers and journals etc.

        In conclusion the aim and object of this website is best described in the Foreward of Hon'ble Justice Haider Abbas Raza (of Allahabad High Court, India) in the book "Lucknow 1857 - The Two Wars at Lucknow - The Dusk of an Era" in the words -

"Time has come when justice should be done to former rulers of Avadh in their 200 years of rule who did not discriminate people on the ground of colour, caste sect and religion".

This is a faint effort in that direction !!!

Burhan A. Meerza
5th. VII. 2003

Home email:  oudh@rediffmail.com