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August 20, 1957

LUCKNOW, Monday. - the state government have it is understood, under consider-ation a proposal to set up a memorial to Begum Hazrat Mahal at Lucknow.

Begum Hazrat Mahal took a very prominent part in the First War of Independence in 1857 and led the rebel forces.

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Talk of the Town

Sunday, May 21, 1961

LUCKNOW,   THE decision of the state Government to constuct a monument to Begum Hazrat Mahal, the valiant queen of Avadh, has been welcomed by all shades of public opinion. In honouring this relentless fighter for freedom, the city - which was the center of resistance against the British forces during the 1857 War of Independence, and the last to fall to the enemy - will be honouring itself.

      The Government are going to rename the Qaisarbagh Victoria Park as Hazrat Mahal Park. The marble canopy, under which was once installed the statue of Queen Victoria, will now have copper plaques, with the exploits of the Begum inscribed on them.

      The decision to raise a memorial to the Begum was taken by the Government in 1958. But the decision could not be implemented, partly because of the conservation of a section of Muslims and partly because of the apathy of the Government. The Government entrusted the final decision on the monument to be raised to Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim, who was Finance Minister of U.P. at that time. Some people suggested that the statue of the Begum should be installed at a suitable place. Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim, it is said, consulted some 'leading Muslims' of Lucknow about the monument. While most of them welcomed the idea, one Maulvi is reported to have told Hafiz Ibrahim that the construction of the statue of a Muslim woman would be against the Shariat, and in case it was installed, the Muslims would start an agitation. This finally sealed the fate of the proposal.

       The plan was then shelved, but recently the new ministry took it up again and decided to complete the memorial to the Begum. A sum of Rs.50,000/- has been sanctioned towards the cost of the memorial.

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OCTOBER 5, 1961

The U.P. Government has decided to construct a memorial to the late Begum Hazrat Mahal in Victoria Park, Lucknow, and to rename it Begum Hazrat Mahal Park.

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Begum Hazrat Mahal Memorial
The Pioneer - LUCKNOW, July 1, 1962

LUCKNOW, June 30 - The Memorial to Begum Hazrat Mahal, the brave wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh who gave a tough fight to the Britishers during the 1857 Revolution has almost been completed. Its formal opening will be performed on July 5 next - a date which co-incides with the coronation day of Nawab Birjis Qadar, the last ruling Nawab of Oudh.

      The memorial, erected in Victoria Park here, consists of a 3' x 3' square slab of marble with the seal of the household of Oudh embossed on its four sides. It is flanked by 12 pillars supporting a marble canopy.

      Victoria Park will now be known as Begum Hazrat Mahal Park.

       To mark the opening ceremony, an exhibition of historical documents, pictures and other material connected with the 1857 movement will be held at Pradarshani Bhawan near Banarsi Bagh. The exhibits also include, among other things, descriptions of the events in contemporary journals, extracts from Sirajul Akhbar, correspondence among leaders of the movement, declaration of Bahadur Shah, Nana Saheb and Birjis Qadar.

      The exhibition will remain open to public for one week, i.e. from July 5 to 12 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. everyday.

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THE STATESMAN, Delhi, July 2, 1962

      LUCKNOW, July 1. - The memorial to Begum Hazrat Mahal, wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh, who gave a tough fight to the British during the 1857 revolution has almost been completed, reported PTI.

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Opening Fixed for August 15
National Herald, Lucknow - 11 July, 1962

      LUCKNOW, Wednesday. - The opening ceremony of the Begum Hazrat Mahal Memorial has been further postponed to August 15 next. In view of the auspiciousness of the occasion, it has been finally decided to synchronise the function with the 15th anniversary of the country's independence.

       U.P's Minister for Information and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr. Banarsi Das, will unveil the memorial.

       The proposed one-week exhibition to be held on the occasion depicting the freedom movement will also begin from August 15. it will remain open to the public from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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