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The Royal Insignia


Coronation of 1837 vis-a-vis Coronation of 1857

7th July, 1837                   5th July 1857


-- Both coronation involved Queens of Avadh, Badshah Begum and Begum Hazrat Mahal, both were fiercely hostile to the British.



-- Both involved minor princes, who were crowned King's of Oudh.



-- The coronation of Faridoon Bakth a.k.a. Munna Jan took place in Lal Baradari while that of Birjis Qadr in Chandiwali Baradari or Sufaid Baradari



-- The coronation of 1837 took place in defiance and in the presence of the British resident while in the coronation of 1857, the British presence was wiped out in Lucknow, and hardly visible in Avadh, with the exception of those who were confined to the Lucknow Residency.



-- The coronation of Birjis Qadr in 1857 was peaceful in tumultuous times, the coronation in 1837 of Munna Jan was marked by bloodshed and violence that fateful "Diwali" night of 7th July, 1837.



-- The dramatis personae of the coronation of 1837 ended up in prison in Chunar Fort, Mirzapur, while those of the coronation of 1857 found political asylum in Kathmandu, Nepal.


-- Munna Jan was crowned king for a few hours while Birjis Qadr crowned king in 1857 remained till his exit from Lucknow in March 1858. He remained king in his kingdom till he crossed over to Nepal in the early months of 1859, when he was sixteen years old.



-- Munna Jan died a natural death in 1846, Birjis Qadr was assassinated as a result of a british cum family conspiracy in 1893



-- The dynastic rule continued after the exit of Badshah Begum and Munna Jan from Avadh while the dynastic rule came to an end with the exit of Begum Hazrat Mahal and Birjis Qadr.



* -- Alas ! :( Badshah Begum and Munna Jan's episode is unfortunate and tragic in the history of the family and our hearts go out to them.

As LUCK would have it, FATE smiled :-D on Begum Hazrat Mahal and Birjis Qadr and both were endorsed as recognized Freedom Fighters in




-- The contemporary vernacular chronicle writers of family history of the Avadh dynasty recognize both Munna Jan and Birjis Qadr as the King of Oudh. The same has been done by the stalwart historians of the History of India as given here both for Munna Jan and Birjis Qadr.

For the un-informed, the ill informed, or the less informed, the students of history of Free India will follow these historians and not Wajid Ali Shah as

"THE LAST KING OF INDIA" ???  Need we say more.



This analogy or comparison is an insight of this website and is an original amateur writing on the subject.


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