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Prince Anjum Quder
Born 7, September, 1921
Died 23, July, 1997
Patriarch Of
The House of OUDH
 Adieu !
Prince Anjum Quder

    There never will be anyone like him in the Avadh family any more !!

He sure had his princely ways......A True Prince !

Prince Anjum Quder Roshan Ali Meerza
      Eldest great grandson from the eldest male surviving branch of Wajid Ali Shah

The Prince's Credentials

  Chairman, King of Oudh's Trust, Calcutta
President, All India Shia Conference, Lucknow
  Member, Aligarh Muslim University Court, Aligarh
  Member, Central Waqf Council, Government of India
  Member, All Iindia Muslim Personal Law Board
  Working Committee Member All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat
  Director, Garden Reach Rotary Club
  Member, Oriental Chamber of Commerce

1980 - Revival of a bygone era at the historic Nadesar Palace - Benares
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  A noble royal mission aborted............1981  
The Prince of Oudh VISHWANATH
The Maharaja of Benares
Anjum Quder Click here !! Dr. Vibhuti Narain Singh

Articles & Clippings    
          From a Sanguanary Past - The Times of India 25th, March, 1990
          "Address of Welcome to Lady & Sir John A. Thomson K.C.M.G. 22 January 1982

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