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The Royal Insignia


!!! Jan-e Alam !!!

The Feringhee not only ruined you, but even your reputation.

All your goodness was blackened.

The heavens will be justified in being outraged at this monstrosity on earth.

Oh my humble, conscientious, judicious and victimized King !

Oh my unassuming, skilful, intelligent, intellectual and patronizing poet !

Oh my soldier and ruler of the mornings !

Oh my maestro of music and connoisseur of fine arts of the evenings !

And Oh Master !

This great-grandson of your Governor Faqir Mohammed Khan 'Goya'

your military Commander salutes your grave !

Please accept this homage, Oh angelic and innocent victim !

It is not beyond kings to bless (this) a beggar !

From "Yaadon ki baraat", Josh Malihabadi, pp81-83

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