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Genealogical Tree of the Rulers & The Royal Family of Oudh   Graphical Family Tree

  Mir Mohammed Amin Sa'adat Khan Burhan-ul Mulk (1722-39)
  Safdar Jang (1739-54) Prime Minister of India & Subahdar of Agra & Oudh -m- Sadr Jehan Begum
  Shujaud Daulah (1754-75) - m - Nawab Bahu Begum
  Asaf-ud-Daulah (1775-97)
  Wazir Ali Khan (1797-98)- deposed
  Sa'adat Ali Khan (1798-1814)
  Ghaziuddin Haider (1814-27) - m - Badshah Begum
  Nasiruddin Haidar (1827-37)- deposed
  Rafiuddin Haidar (1837)
  Muhammad Ali Shah (1837-42)
  Amjad Ali Shah (1842-47) - m -Malka Kishwar
  Wajid Ali Shah (1847-56) - m - Begum Hazrat Mahal
  Birjis Qadr (1857-59)   Assassinated 1893
  Meher Quder  b.1893  - d.1961 (abdicated from lawfuly inherited rights in favour of people of Oudh 15th August 1947)
  Anjum Quder d.1997         Kaukab Qadr        Nayyer Quder


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