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The Royal Insignia

List of Important Dates in the History of Oudh

13-08-1857 Assassination of Birjis Qadr. ex-king of Oudh, his daughter Princess Jamal Ara Begum, his son Prince Khurshid Qadr and three bodyguards at Ata bagh at Matiaburj. The King who came to Dinner - the host survived.
06-08-1857 Recognition of Birjis Qadr as King of Oudh, by Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar by sending the seal and his consent to the succession.
Coronation of Birjis Qadr by the High Priest of Lucknow.
05-07-1857 Coronation of Birjis Qadr as King of Oudh, 7th and the Last King of Oudh
07-07-1837 Coronation of Faridoon Bakht a.k.a Munna Jan as King of Oudh

Coronation of 1837 Vis-a-Vis Coronation of 1857
Badshah Begum - King maker and Queen by Vijaya Khan

22-07-1822 Birth of Wajid Ali Shah - 6th King of Avadh

List of Important Dates in the House of Birjis Qadr

23-07-1997 Death of Prince Anjum Quder at Delhi

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