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The Royal Insignia

Wajid Ali Shah

   Abul Mansoor Sikandar Jah
Padsha-E-Adil Qaiser-E-Zaman Sultan-E-Alam
Meerza Muhammed Wajid Ali Shah

        "No king like him ever rose up from the soil of Hindustan with such erudition in scholarship and arts.

         And in his manner no ruler raised the banner of kingship on Indian territories with matching genius and intellectual attainments."

Kunwar Durga Pershad Mehr
in "Bostan-e-Avadh"

wajid ali shah

"The King has been charged with being guilty of vices and debauchery; but he (Mr. Jones) was told on good authority, that few people were more moral than the King of Oude in that respect."
Mr. Jones' speech in the Court of Proprietors of the
East India Company on 24th September 1856:
History of the Indian Mutiny

"There never was on the throne, I believe, a man more inoffensive at heart than he (King Wajid Ali Shah) is"
A Journey Through the Kingdom of Oude
Sir W. H. Sleeman

Date of Events
THE TRUTH - Oudh - Annexation of a Kingdom
King's of Oudh's Imambara & Mausoleum - Matiaburj, Calcutta - India    
Death Centenary, Matiaburj - Calcutta,  1987    Under Construction !
Avadh Cultural Club - Lucknow    Under Construction !
The Literary and Cultural Contribution of Wajid Ali Shah
Shatranj ke Khilari - My Wajid Ali is Not 'Effete And Effeminate' ! Satyajit Ray
SwanSong of a Poet-King - Soumitra Das
Wajid Ali Shah - King of Oudh
A tribute to Wajid Ali Shah ...

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    Born Lucknow
    19th July, 1823  ==  10th  Zeeqat  1238 Hijri
    Ascended  the Throne:  13th, February, 1847
    Abdicated :                    4th, February, 1856
    Died at Matiaburj
    near Calcutta :              21st, September, 1887
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