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Wajid Ali Shah

133rd Death Anniversary of
Wajid Ali Shah

b. 30th Jul 1820          d. 21st Sep 1887

         10thZeeqaada 1237h  - 2ndMohurram 1305h 21st Sep 1887

Wajid Ali Shah
Wajid Ali Shah
Wajid Ali Shah

Above Urdu couplet in roman english below :-

"Arz-e matiaburj teri khaakh mein Sultan hai;

"Badshah-e Lakhnau abb Hashhrr takk mehmaan hai"

Couplet by :

Hussainy Shair Fazl Naqvi, NAZZARA Weekly, Lucknow

Free translation in english below :-

"Hail Matiaburj, herein lies a King in your dust"

"The king of Lakhnau is your guest till doomsday"


On his death anniversay new info links :

"Tajdar-e Avadh" - Amjad Ali Khan (Urdu), Lucknow - 1976

Click here !

  "Pearl by the River" - Sudipta Mitra (English) - Calcutta - 2017

Click here !

Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza

Adieu !

Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza
Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza

b. 26th Aug 1933          d. 13th Sep 2020

Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza

Qamr Mazmoon

Qamr Mazmoon

Qamr Mazmoon

Urdu Couplet of Wajid Ali Shah in roman english below:

"AKHTAR hoon mein Farzand mere KAUKAB va BIRJEES
ROSHAN hai Meh va MEHER sa Ghar Bhar ka Taqullus"

The third urdu line above in roman english below

"Makhooz-e-kulliyaat -e- Qamar Mazmoon Mutbooaa Matba e Sultani,
Matiaburj, Kalkatta"
1276 Hijri

Urdu Couplet of Wajid Ali Shah - freely translated in English :

"I am AKHTAR and my successors are KAUKAB and BIRJEES
The nom de plume of the whole family is as Bright as the Sun and the Moon"

"Taken from Qamar Mazmoon collection, Sultani printing press,
Matiaburj, Calcutta"
1276 Hijri


QAMAR MAZMOON is the original fourth Diwan and hand written manuscript of the king which comprises of Hamd, Naat, Noha, Salaam, Elegy, Couplets, Ghazals and which also comprises of personal anecdotes. The year 1859 in the english calendar is the manuscripts equivalent year from the Hijri calendar 1276H.

Dr. Kaukab came across the above manuscript during his decades of research on his great grandfather, starting early 1960's.

AKHTAR in the couplet is the nom de plume of Wajid Ali Shah AKHTAR

KAUKAB in the couplet is a nom de plume of Wajid Ali Shah's THIRD eldest, heir apparent son "Hamid Ali Khan KAUKAB"

BIRJEES in the couplet is his FOURTH eldest son "BIRJIS QADR"
The king categorically specifies who his FARZAND or successors are.

Was it divinely ordained that three of Birjis Qadr's progeny find a part of their name in the couplet of the poet king.

1. MEHER quder zahid ali mirza
2. anjum quder ROSHAN ali meerza
3. KAUKAB quder sajjad ali meerza

Amaresh Misra, who had not met Dr. Kaukab, writes in his book :-

" A descendant of Birjis Qadr sits in Aligarh still collecting rare material which, if researched upon, has the potential of exploding the stereotypes about his family. "

LUCKNOW : Fire of Grace - 1998

In the world of Urdu Literature and research, he was the author of three award winning books from the Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy.


1. Intekhab-e Wajid Ali Shah - 1984
     (Selected writings of Wajid Ali Shah)
     Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Lucknow

2. Wajid Ali Shah ki Adabi aur Saqafati Khidmat - 1995
     (The Literary & Cultural contribution of Wajid Ali Shah)
     Taraqqi Urdu Bureau, New Delhi

3. Iqleem-e Sukhan ke Tajdar - 2004
     (King's of the Literary World)
     Naoroze Publication, Calcutta

The first book is a U.P. Government publication, the second was by an urdu literary organization while the third was his private publication called the Naoroze Publication which he founded in Aligarh at the time of The Baulk Line and after his retirement shifted it to his ancestral home in Calcutta.

Intizar Hussain, acclaimed as the final authority in Urdu literature worldwide, in his critical review of the third book, writes in the article "Farewell to Lucknow" as follows :-

"Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was fortunate at least in one way; from among his descendants arose one soul, who with his ability to do research dug out facts and came out as the defender of the honour of his much maligned great grandfather."

Dawn, Karachi, March 29th 2009

Achievement in Urdu academics aside, the Dr. Prince from a very young age had a passion for Billiard & Snooker and it is was his scholarly leaning that made him in the early 1980's bring out in english, an international standard billiard and snooker magazine called THE BAULK LINE from a remote U.P. town called Aligarh, where he had temporarily settled for his call of duty in the A.M.U. It was a popular magazine in the Billiard & Snooker fraternity. He was not only the Editor but also a Reporter, Journalist, Photographer, Designer, Composer, Distributor and a Publisher. All rolled in one, 'A master of all trade', apart from holding important posts in the games associations both at the national and state level.

Given below is a snapshot of the cover of a famous issue and an extract from the editorial page.

  Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza

Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza

Thank You, Madam !

Our thanks to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minsiter of India, for letting us have her autographed photograph for our cover page. This was taken at her residence on January 19, 1982, when Mr. Michael Ferriera in company with Mr. R. K. Vissannji, chairman of the B.S.F.I., enjoyed the pleasure of showing his prized possession to Mrs. Gandhi. "How beautiful the World Trophy is !" is the only comment that we have on record for Mrs. Gandhi's feelings of Ferriera's, nay India's achievement in this sport, and this, together wih her first billiard photograph and autograph, conveys all, we suppose that our prime minister has to say in this matter.

M. Kaukab


Dr. Sudipta Mitra, author "Pearl by the River" writes about him in his condolence message to the family :-

"I remember, it took me nearly five months to get an appointment from him. And when, at last, with the generosity of the family I did, he allowed me to come close to him for days after days, months after months, year after year.........But he still remains out of public gaze and popularity. Probably that was his last wish...May his immortal soul rest in peace." Dr. Mitra goes on quote as

'Part of our cultural history is lost with Quder's demise'

The Times of India, Kolkata, September 14, 2020


Due to bereavement the family is going through, this obituary on my late father has been written in haste. :(

Dr. Talat Fatima

Eldest daughter

Dr. Kaukab Quder Sajjad Ali Meerza
Photo: 30th May, 2017 Paryatan Bhawan, Gomtinagar Lucknow : Addressing the audience who had come to see the documentary made by the Film Division of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India on Begum Hazrat Mahal, organized by Lucknow Expressions & U.P. Tourism, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Prince Nayyer Quder Wasif Ali Meerza

7th Death Anniversary

Prince Nayyer Quder Wasif Ali Meerza

b. 26th Sep 1934   -   d. 24th Sep 2013

The Last Prince

"The Buck Stops Here !"

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Genealogical Tree of the Rulers & The Royal Family of Oudh   Graphical Family Tree

  Mir Mohammed Amin Sa'adat Khan Burhan-ul Mulk (1722-39)
  Safdar Jang (1739-54) Prime Minister of India & Subahdar of Agra & Oudh -m- Sadr Jehan Begum
  Shujaud Daulah (1754-75) - m - Nawab Bahu Begum
  Asaf-ud-Daulah (1775-97)
  Wazir Ali Khan (1797-98)- deposed
  Sa'adat Ali Khan (1798-1814)
  Ghaziuddin Haider (1814-27) - m - Badshah Begum
  Nasiruddin Haidar (1827-37)
  Rafiuddin Haidar (1837)- deposed
  Muhammad Ali Shah (1837-42)
  Amjad Ali Shah (1842-47) - m -Malka Kishwar
  Wajid Ali Shah (1847-56) - m - Begum Hazrat Mahal
  Birjis Qadr (1857-59)   Assassinated 1893
  Meher Quder  b.1893  - d.1961 (abdicated from lawfuly inherited rights in favour of people of Oudh 15th August 1947)
  Anjum Quder d.1997         Kaukab Qadr        Nayyer Quder d.2013


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