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The Royal Insignia

  I am Akhtar
and my sons are Kaukab and Birjis
the nom de plume of the family is thus
as bright as the sun and the moon

Wajid Ali Shah Akhtar
translation from a urdu couplet in the MS Qamar-e Mazmoon 1276H


Genealogy of the ROYAL HOUSE OF OUDH

Penultimate and last page reproduced from the comprehensive work by
Former Assistant Keeper
Department of Egyptian Antiquities
British Museum

From Page 37 of the GENEALOGY OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF OUDH by M. L. Bierbrier FSA

OUDH Page 37

Wajid Ali Shah was suc as head of the Royal House by his 5s,
1887-1893 BIRJIS QADR MUHAMMAD RAMZAN ALI, King of Oudh 1857-1859, b at Lucknow 1845, m at Kathmandu, Nepal Mahtabara Begum (b ca 1859, d 1929), d of Bahadur Shah's daughter, and had issue, 2s 2d, and d at Calcutta 15 Aug 1893, leaving issue,
1 Khurshaid Qudr (by Mahtabara Begum), b at Kathmandu 1879,d at Calcutta 15 Aug 1893
2 MEHER QUDER MUHAMMAD ZAHID ALI (by Mahtabara Begum), suc his father
1 Amjadi Begum (not by Mahtabara Begum), b at Kathmandu 1863/4, unm 1889
2 Sultan Mariam Begum (by Mahtabara Begum), b at Kathmandu 1875, dunm at Calcutta 14 Aug 1893
3 Hasanara Begum (by Mahtabara Begum), b at Kathmandu 1876, m Mansoor Ali Khan of Kanpur, s of the Nawab of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), and d Sep 1949
Birjis Qadr Muhammad Ramazan Ali was suc as head of the Royal House by his 2s,
1893-1961 MEHER QUDER MUHAMMAD ZAHID ALI, b at Calcutta 24 Dec 1893, m Farrukh Ara Mehdi Begum, d of Prince Furrukh Meerza, and d at Calcutta Mar 1961, having had issue,
1 ANJUM QUDER, suc his father
2 Kaukab Quder, b at Calcutta Jly 1931, m Badrunnessa Zafar, d of Zafar Abbas Fazal of Lucknow, and has issue,
   1a Irfan Ali Mirza, b 1954
   2a Kamran Ali Meerza, b 1971
   1a Talat Fatima, b 1956
   2a Saltanat Fatima, b 1958
   3a Manzilat Fatima, b 1961
   4a Rafat Fatima, b 1966
3 Nayyer Quder, b at Calcutta Sep 1934, unm
1 Gulshan Ara Kamini Begum d 1973
2 Najm Ara Begum, dvp 1950
Meher Quder Muhammad Zahid Ali was suc as head of the Royal House by his 1s, 1961- ANJUM QUDER, b at Calcutta 7 Sep 1922, m1 at Calcutta Kathleen Yasmin (a Christian converted to Islam), d of Joseph David; m2 Nawab Bahar Ara Dulari Begum (d 21 Feb 1975), d of Nawab Syed Muhammad Husain, Nawab of Chitpur, and has issue,

OUDH Page 38
   1 Parveen Fatema (by Kathleen Yasmin), d 1972
   1 Yusuf Ali Mirza (by Kathleen Yasmin),
   2 Burhan Ali Meerza (by Nawab Bahar Ara Dulari Begum).

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and Updated below to include the issues of the present family members :

Yusuf Ali Mirza -- School Final from Colvin Taluqdar's College, Lucknow, B. Com, St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. In 1987 he represented India in World Amateur Snooker Championship at Bangalore as India No.2. In the same year he represented India in Asian Snooker Championship at Kaula Lumpur as India No.2. He is at presently working in the Eastern Railyways Sports Section
Yusuf Ali Mirza
      - m -
Zareen Dulhan

d 2001 daughter of Late Havelock Martin (a christian converted to Islam).
Wajid Mirza, St.Xavier's College - Calcutta. B.A.
Alina Mirza, Assembly of God's Church - Calcutta

Burhan Ali Meerza B.A. - St. Xavier's College - Calcutta, 1985 LL.B. from South Calcutta Law College, 1992
Post Graduate Diploma in Systems Management - NIIT 1989, Advocate High Court, Calcutta

Irfan Ali Mirza -- School Final from Calcutta Madrasa with National Scholarship and distinction in English and Urdu. Has won several State Snooker titles. He is presently employed with the Eastern Railways Sports Section.
Irfan Ali Mirza
      - m -
Jamal Ara

daughter of Late Jamaluddin Wasti
Sadaf Fatema B.A. Loreto House - Calcutta
Samar Fatema, Saifee Hall Public School - Calcutta

Talat Fatima -- B.A. LL.B. Gold Medalist Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. Presently Lecturer in Govt. Law College, Dholpur Rajasthan and doing her Ph.D in Cyberlaw
Talat Fatima
      - m -
Sarvar Alam Siddqui B.A.LL.B.

Nayyer Alam Siddiqui, Dholpur Military - Dholpur

Saltanat Fatima -- B.A.(Hons) M.A.(Education). Presently residing in New Delhi
Saltanat Fatima
      - m -
Shakeel Hasan Shamsi

Imran Hasan Shamsi, B.C.A. - Lucknow
Nooria Shakeel, Public School - New Delhi

Manzilat Fatima -- M.A.(English), LL.B Calcutta University
      A Dress Designer running her Boutique Ethnix
Manzilat Fatima
      - m -
Aslam Parvez Khan

Aman Ahsan Khan, South Point School - Calcutta
Asna Fatima Khan South Point School - Calcutta

Rafat Fatima M.A.(Education) - Calcutta University

Kamran Ali Meerza -- B.A. Working as a Software & Hardware Engineer in Calcutta

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